Plastic foam board PVC crusting sheet

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PVC free foam board using CELUKA (CELUKA) production process, through the mold strong cooling PVC board surface crust smooth and high hardness, common density 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, D-type hardness meter detection 8mm board hardness greater than 35 Shore hardness, nail scraping board surface test will not have obvious scratches, crust board thin can only produce 3mm thickness, 3mm-5mm thickness The difference between the board surface and free foam board is not very big, thin crust board is mostly used for advertising framing display board, 7mm-18mm thick crust board is mostly used in carving, toy model, stand advertising, home bathroom, all-aluminum furniture board core sandwich, crust board with the density of the board thickness the thicker the board surface hardness is higher.

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Product color White
Product material PVC (polyvinyl chloride | Polyvinyl chloride), calcium carbonate powder, foaming agent, stabilizer, regulator, lubricant, pigment, etc.
Conventional density 0.4ρ (400kg/m³), 0.45ρ (450kg/m³), 0.5ρ (500kg/m³)
Packaging method Optional plastic bags, cartons, domestic simple wooden pallets, wooden pallets for export without inspection, single-sided protective film, etc.
PVC Crust Foam Sheet01
PVC Crust Foam Sheet02

Product efficiency

1. Temperature range: -50 degrees Celsius to -70 degrees Celsius.
2. heating temperature range: 70-120 degrees Celsius (making profiles).
3. Life expectancy: at least 50 years.

Transportation and storage

Avoid heavy pressure, sunlight, rain and mechanical damage during transportation, and keep the package intact. Storage is recommended to stack flat indoors, try to avoid direct sunlight and rain, outdoor temperature difference will lead to shrinkage deformation and size change, direct sunlight board surface and corners are easy to yellow.

Efficiency of Response

1.How long is your manufacturing lead time?
It is determined by the product and the quantity of orders placed. Normally, an order with a MOQ quantity takes us 15 days.

2.When will I receive the quotation?
We usually respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. If you need the quotation right away. Please call us or notify us via email so that we can prioritize your inquiry.

3. Can you ship goods to my country?
Yes, we can. We can assist you if you do not have your own ship forwarder.

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