PVC Free Foam Board For Cabinet

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PVC free foam board is a kind of PVC foam board. PVC foam board can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board according to the production process. PVC foam board, also known as Chevron board and Andi board, has a chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride. Its chemical properties are stable. Acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant! The surface hardness of PVC free foam board is generally used in advertising panels, laminated panels, screen printing, engraving, etc.

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Product Use

Widely used in bus and train carriage roofs, box cores, interior decorative panels, building exterior panels, interior decorative panels, office, residential, and public building partitions, commercial decorative shelves, clean room panels, ceiling panels, stencil printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display panels, sign panels, album panels, and other industries, as well as chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoforming parts, cold storage panels, and special cold preservatio Environmental protection board, sports equipment, breeding materials, seaside moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, aesthetic materials, and various lightweight partitions in place of glass canopy, etc.

Product Characteristics

PVC free foam sheet has the properties of sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation.

●PVC free foam board has flame retardant quality and can be used safely because it is self-extinguishing and does not threaten fire.

●PVC free foam board series products are moisture-proof, mold-proof and non-absorbent, and have good shock-proof effect.

●PVC free foam board series are made by weather-resistant formula, and their color and luster can remain unchanged for a long time and are not easy to be aged.

●PVC free foam board is light in texture, easy to store, transport and construct.

PVC free-foaming board can be constructed by using general wood processing tools.

●PVC free foam board can be processed like wood by drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, gluing, etc.

●PVC free foam board can be applied to thermoforming, heating and bending and folding processing.

●PVC free foam board can be welded according to the general welding procedure and can be bonded with other PVC materials.

●PVC free foam board has a rough surface and can be printed.

PVC Foam Sheet/Board Application

1.Advertising: exhibition display, digital printing, silk screen printing, computer lettering,sign board, light box,etc
2.Construction: office and bathroom cabinets, inner and outer decorate panel,commercial decorating shelf, room separating
3.Transportation: steamboat, airplane, bus, train carriage, roof and carriage inner layerand other industry


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