Pvc Free Foam Sheet Board For Cabint Kitchen

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PVC foam board is one type of PVC foam board. According to the manufacturing process, PVC foam board is classified as PVC crust foam board or PVC free foam board. PVC foam board, also known as Chevron board and Andi board, is made of polyvinyl chloride. It has stable chemical properties. Acid and alkali resistance, as well as corrosion resistance! PVC free foam board with a high surface hardness is commonly used in advertising panels, laminated panels, screen printing, engraving, and other applications.

The best thing about PVC foam boards is that they are available in matt/glossy finishes that can be used directly for kitchen storage cabinets. However, any raw surface can get scratches; hence we recommend using laminates or films for such surfaces.

PVC foam boards are giving real competition to traditional wooden cabinets. It is time to replace old wooden cabinets with these PVC foam boards and have maintenance-free cabinets.

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1.PVC foam boards are very light in weight. So, it is easy to use such boards with fewer difficulties in transportation and handling.
2.Like plyboards, it is easy to drill, saw, screw, bend, glue or nail it. One can also put a protective film on the surface of the boards.
3.PVC foam boards are moisture-resistant. It has low water absorption properties and hence it is easy to maintain hygiene.
4.PVC foam boards are termite-proof and rot-proof.
5.PVC foam boards are safe for kitchen cabinets as they are non-toxic and anti-chemical corrosion-resistant material.
6.PVC foam boards provide heat insulation and are fairly fire-resistant.

Product Application

1.  Furniture

Use in making decorative Furniture including Bathroom Cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet, Wall Cabinet, Storage Cabinet, Desk, Table Top, School Benches, Cupboard, Exhibition Desk, Shelve in Supermarket and many

2. Constructions and Real Estate

Also use in Building sector such as Insulation, Shop Fitting, Interior Decorate, Ceiling, Paneling, Door Panel, Roller Shutter Boxes, Windows Elements and much more.


Traffic sign, Highway signboards, signboards, Doorplate, Exhibition display, billboards, Silk screen printing, laser engraving material.

4.Traffic & transit

Interior decoration for ship, steamer, plane, bus, train, metro; Compartment, Side step & rear step for vehicle, ceiling.


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