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Product Name: White Crust Foam Board Kitchen Cabinets

PVC Celuka Foam Boards/Sheets.The combination of a solid top coat and a cellular core, both made of the same material and manufactured in a single operation, gives Potentech its distinct product properties.Surface strength is always important, the surface has a solid, smooth outer skin that gives the sheet a silk-gloss finish.

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Product Details

Product name PVC Foam Board
Color Glossy
Application indoor decoration
Feature Waterproof
Surface Glossy
MOQ 100 square meters
Keyword PVC Foam Board
Packing Pallet
Type Pvc Crust Foam Board

Product Advantage

1.Green and environmentally friendly, with no pollution

2.Fire retardant and waterproof

3.Waterproof and wear-resistant

4.Optional multi-color and rich texture

5.Rugged and long-lasting durability

6.High-quality material that will not fade or crack.

7.Easy installation saves time and effort

Processing efficiency

  • This PVC foamable board is soundproof, sound absorbing, heat insulation, and fireproof, as well as waterproof, chemical attack-proof, and shockproof.
  • According to the stick-to-itive scheme, the product color lasts for a long time and ages slowly.
  • This product is very light in terms of transportation, storage, and construction.
  • This product can be charged using standard woodworking tools.
  • This product can be processed in the same way that wood is, including drilling, sawing, nailing, planning, binding, and so on.
  • It could be used in heat forming, heat bending, and folding.
  • This product could not only be joined normally, but it could also be bound with other PVC materials.

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